With the creation of the Hoesch at Home– entrepreneurial discussions we founded a platform where selected personalities from the world of business meet investors in a very exclusive and private surrounding.

Away from the mainstream of banks and capital markets, we continuously discover and follow-up on new business ideas that fascinate us. Some of these result in new enterprises that we accompany and promote. Be curious about our ideas on Insurtech!

Our project on the topic of longevity is questioning traditional analysis methods for the estimation of individual life spans, because they fail to sufficiently consider future advancements in medicine as well as social factors (career, assets, lifestyle and surroundings). The objective is to create resilient calculations for residual life expectancy. To achieve that, one must explore the findings of genetic technology and make use of big data information. This knowledge is of importance primarily because of the significantly longer life expectancy for people in industrialised countries. It concerns individual planning for retirement provisions, pension funds as well as operators of retirement and nursing homes.

Examples from our think tank