Within our small and highly-qualified team, we regularly address new markets and create attractive and alternative investment opportunities for our clients.

Insurance and longevity

We have issued and managed five US Senior Life Settlement mutual funds, thereof three in cooperation with the BVT Group Munich. The total assets under management were approximately 1 billion USD death benefits.

We have successfully initiated attractive subordinated loans for premium financing for our own funds as well as for external funds that were contractually serviced and settled on time.

We have performed valuations on individual policies and portfolios in the scope of external assignments. The aim of our clients was to have an independent third-party calculate a realistic valuation.

Utilize our expertise for investments in life insurance.

Think tank

By founding Captain Frank GmbH we help clients to receive compensation for flight delays and cancellations. We assert the claims for compensation in accordance with the European Flight Passenger Regulation.

We develop new business ideas outside of the mainstream of banks and capital markets.

In 2007, we co-founded Lux Kapitalmarkt Management AG, a Luxembourg-based securitization firm that has gained attention as a buyer of trade receivables from the small- and medium-sized industry.

In 2012, we co-founded the US Life Settlement trading platform lifebondXchange S.A. to create a transparent and functional third market.